Single Entry, Multi Entry, Transit, Family Tourist Visas Canada

Visitors from around the world generally need a tourist visa to enter Canada. There are three types of  tourist visa (Temporary Resident Visas)

1) Single Entry Tourist Visa :  A single entry temporary resident visa allows an individual to enter Canada on a single visit only.  The cost of this visa is $75 Cnd

2) Multi Entry Tourist  Visa :  This visa is generally good for 5 years and allows an individual to enter Canada multiple times during this period. The cost of this visa is $150 Cnd

3) Transit Tourist Visa : This visa is valid for up to 48 hours ONLY on their way to another country. You must provide specific evidence of your travels when entering Canada. There is no fee for this visa.

Family Tourist Visas

For families coming to Canada that need a TRV,  a single entry or multi entry visa is the same price ($400 Cnd)

Visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada for more information on these visas. There are also many websites that provide very good guides on getting your tourist visas. If you make any mistake at all on your application CIC will not process your application. We recommend purchasing one of these guides at Canada Immigration Visas.